H is for Hawk – Helen MacDonald

β€œI stalked around the edge of the wood, crouching low, holding my breath. My attention was microscopically fierce. I’d become a thing of eyes and will alone. Mabel held her wings out from her sides, her head snaking, reptilian, eyes glowing. It felt like I was holding the bastard offspring of a flaming torch and an assault rifle.”

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Our Endless Numbered Days – Claire Fuller

“I would be able to stand and walk back through the trees into the clearing and hear the regular beat of the axe as my father chopped the wood, and I would call out to him ‘Squirrel for dinner!’ And tomorrow afternoon, I would meet Reuben in the rock forest. He would be lounging against…


More Than This – Patrick Ness

“I wanted so badly for there to be more. I ached for there to be more than my crappy little life.’ He shakes his head. ‘And there was more. I just couldn’t see it.” Published: May 2014 Publisher: Walker Books Genre: YA Fiction My copy of More Than This has the quote “Just read it”…


An Ode to the Kingston Waterstones

Books Are My Bag (those nice book people with the orange tote bags) and BookBridgr have teamed up and are asking Book Bloggers to write about their favourite local bookshop. Frankly, I doubt any of us really need the encouragement- I spend more time in bookshops than is probably healthy and my favourite local, the…